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Road Freight Forwarding

Cargo are transported at some stage of their journey along the world’s roads where we give you a presence.

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Ocean Freight Forwarding

Ocean Freight plays perhaps the most vital role in most transportation and supply chain solutions.

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Air Freight Forwarding

As a leader in global air freight forwarding, OIA Global excels in providing tailored transportation

Our Special SERVICES

Our warehousing services are known nationwide to be one of the most reliable, safe and affordable, because we take pride in delivering the best of warehousing services, at the most reasonable prices.

Packaging And Storage

Package and store your things effectively and securely to make sure them in storage.


Package and store your things effectively and securely to make sure them in storage.


Delivery of any freight from a place to another place quickly to save your cost and your time.

Door to Door Delivery

Our expertise in transport management and planning allows us to design a solution.

Worldwide Transport

Specialises in international freight forwarding of merchandise and associated general logistic services.

Ground Transport

Ground transportation options for all visitors, no matter your needs, schedule or destination.

Cargo Hub is a Global Supplier of Transport and logistics Solutions.


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    Welcome to the universe of bulk transportation, where proficiency meets cost viability in the domain of operations in bulk.
    18 Apr

    The Power of Bulk: How to Make the Most of It

    In the immense expanse of worldwide exchange, containerized transporting gear fills in as the unrecognized yet truly great individual
    16 Apr

    Opening Productivity and Security: An Extensive Manual for Containerized Transportation Hardware

    Whether it's vehicles, trucks, or large equipment, guaranteeing a protected and productive section starting with one objective and then onto the next requires meticulous preparation and execution
    14 Apr

    Navigating the Seas: A Comprehensive Guide to Vehicles Transport

    Welcome to the time of proficiency in operations! In the present clamoring worldwide commercial center of Shipments
    12 Apr

    Changing Coordinated Operations: Outfitting the Force of Freight Shipments.

    Welcome to the eventual fate of cargo coordinated operations - Air Freight 2.0!
    10 Apr

    Air Freight 2.0: Changing Cargo Coordinated Operations in the Computerized Time

    Welcome to our inside-out guide on dominating traditions and freedom of Customs
    08 Apr

    Customs Clearance Trade with Efficiency and Compliance

    Plunge profoundly into the universe of cross-stuffing in transportation with our exhaustive aid.
    06 Apr

    Exploring Cross Stuffing in Transportation: An Exhaustive Aide

    Dive deep into Specialty IMO Cargo,
    04 Apr

    Mastering Specialty IMO Cargo: Navigating Hazards, Regulations, and Best Practices

    (Non-Vessel Working Normal Transporters (NVOCCs)), People are clarifying the loading in shipping, a dynamic harbor setting with workers organizing the shipment of goods, Illustration
    02 Apr

    The Ascent of Non-Vessel Working Normal Transporters: Why You Ought to Focus

    Expedited services
    31 Mar

    Expedited Services: A Comprehensive Guide to Streamlining Your Operations 

    A convoy of commercial trucks traveling along a highway, representing the bustling activity and vital role of road freight transportation in the global supply chain.
    29 Mar

    Navigating the Road Freight Industry and empowering challenges

    A breathtaking view of the ocean with waves crashing against the shore
    27 Mar

    Ocean freight is the transportation of goods by sea

    A clear guide about Import and Export in a polite way Complete Guide about import and Export via Air Services
    25 Mar

    Smooth Soaring: Navigating the Realm of Air Service with a Focus on Import and Export Clearance

    Air Freight
    23 Mar

    Understanding Air Freight: Efficient Cargo Transport

    "Professional truck servicing: ensuring optimal performance and safety." "Trustworthy maintenance for your truck's longevity and reliability."
    13 Mar

    Changing Transportation: The Job of Truck Administrations in Current Operations

    "Break mass delivery: A freight transport being stacked with different individual things, like cartons, barrels, and hardware, featuring the adaptability and adaptability of break mass freight dealing with in oceanic vehicle."
    09 Mar

    Uncovering the Huge Importance of Break Bulk

    "Special Equipment: An image featuring unique and specialized tools for specific tasks."
    05 Mar

    An In-Depth Exploration of Special Equipment Types in Shipping

    A RoRo (Roll-on/Roll-off) ship transporting vehicles on the open sea
    28 Feb

    Revolutionizing Transport: The Rise of RORO Shipping

    A palletized shipment representing Consolidation LCL (Less than Container Load) with various goods stacked together in a warehouse, showcasing the cost-effective and efficient shipping method for smaller cargo volumes.
    25 Feb

    Navigating Business Growth: The Power of Consolidation through LCL Formation

    "Speciality IMCO Cargo", a photo of a specialized shipment, with IMCO classifying it to indicate the safe transport of hazardous materials. The cargo has been packaged and labelled to comply with international regulations.
    15 Feb

    “The Earth’s Surface: Specializing In IMCO Cargo”

    Cross-Stuffing is a method of administration that maximizes cargo by stacking different types of cargo simultaneously.
    13 Feb

    “The Significance Of Cross Stuffing In Shipment”

    "Expedited Services Logo featuring a fast moving arrow symbolizing quick delivery and transportation."
    11 Feb

    “A Closer Look At Expedited Services”

    A comparison between NVOCC (Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier) and freight services, showing the differences and similarities between the two.
    09 Feb

    Navigating the Logistics Landscape with Precision

    06 Jul

    The Advantages of Air Freight Services for Efficient Global Shipping

    06 Jul

    On the Move: Maximizing Efficiency with Road Freight Services

    06 Jul

    The Benefits of Ocean Freight Services in Global Trade

    27 Jun

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    Cargo Hub is a World-Class Global Supplier of Transport and logistics Solutions.